Teams likely to look sharper at IEM Sydney

  • The underperformance and hesitant first steps of newly minted Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rosters at DreamHack Masters Marseille could, for an extent, be excused and chalked around inexperience. Players had disappear the back of some slack, systems of play still clearly needed tinkering high was little data for tacticians to work with Madden Mobile Coins Cheap.

    For many, the April 18-22 event was uncharted waters. IEM Sydney 2018, though, might host most of the same teams from Marseille yet not as many caveats for failure.

    The replacing Dust II for Cobblestone in the IEM Sydney map pool after Valve's announcement on April 20 causes a significant change nonetheless. The squads had just a bit more than a week to ready on the new map, rendering it a more volatile battleground which will, as Joshua "steel" Nissan said in the video on his YouTube page, "favor the underdogs."

    Steel argued that even when the favored team is "stronger on another map, [digging in Dust II] provides the weaker team the chance to play it along with perhaps upset the higher quality team given that they get lucky or even the other team does not have the reps [playing Dust II], or even the understanding of [the map layout]."

    Cobblestone wasn't a specialty map for several teams, with many looking to work around the more dynamic and popular picks of Mirage or Inferno. For some teams, though, the removing of Cobblestone represents removing a useful pocket pick into their pool. Fnatic, Space Soldiers, MVP PK and SK Gaming all had Cobblestone as one of their most-picked maps and highest one making use of their highest win rates, as well as the exit of Cobblestone will hamper those teams' flexibility in vetoes.

    But by adding Dust II doesn't come without historical context. SK and Fnatic both have cores of players who had been historically dominant around the map and produced legendary matches upon it that defined eras of play. Space Soldiers also offers a looser, more duel-heavy style that could actually be more potent in the aim-focused regions of Madden Mobile Account to Cobblestone.

    The mind games these teams can start to play in map vetoes would have been a driving narrative in Sydney.