Watch: 'Madden' simulates Rams' 2018 season, predicts disappoin

  • We’re still a few months from the start with the 2018 NFL regular season, but training camp is rapidly approaching and it is just fourteen days away. With the turmoil “Madden NFL 19” also rapidly approaching, anticipation is Madden Mobile Coins high for that return of football.

    The folks at Sports Creators simulated the Rams’ 2018 season using “Madden 18,” running through all 16 games. They did this for each team, and here’s just what the game developed:

    So a 10-6 record is respectable to the Rams, especially with the rest with the NFC West finishing at or below .500. However, 10 wins in the real world will be disappointing for Los Angeles.

    With everything that talent plus an outstanding coaching staff, the Rams are hoping to compete with the No. 1 seed within the NFC and potentially a Super Bowl. Not that Madden Mobile Coins For sale they can’t get through to the big game with 11 wins, but a first-round bye and home-field advantage would do a lot.