World of Warcraft – Legion Developer Update

  • At 9am PDT today, host Jesse Cox was joined by World of Warcraft Assistant Game Director Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas go over upcoming Legion news together with delve more into several of the features expect in Legion.

    Perhaps by far the most exciting news was the announcement that baring some catastrophic event, Legion‘s Alpha will likely be taken down over the following day or two; to help make way for, you guessed it, Beta! Hazzikostas mentioned which a large wave of Beta invites are anticipated to be sent out next 1-2 days as well as for players, to help keep an eye on Warmane Gold their email (we also suggest checking your launcher, as access may show there first prior to deciding to receive an email). A side word of caution to keep in mind Alpha/Beta keys won't be a thing, players are made access upon their accounts, so beware in the event you receive any emails stating they've an Alpha or Beta “key” to suit your needs. The Beta will start this Thursday at 2pm PDT

    What players should be expecting beginning their journey on Beta is always to begin at their faction’s capital cities of Stormwind and Orgrimmar respectively, and to Cheap Warmane Gold get sent to the Broken Shore to produce a stand from the Legion. Players will likely then regroup in Dalaran (that has been moved to the Broken Isles) and start the quests for Artifact weapons and Class Order Halls.