5 Least Favorite Dungeons of World of Warcraft

  • Greetings, Nerds!  The Nighthold raid is going, which is AMAZING! But that is not what that is about. Today, I am providing you with my hourly caregivers least favorite dungeons.

    I we imagine you have been enjoying World of Warcraft: Legion, just as much as I have! It isn’t all fun and games in Azeroth, in reality, some quests and dungeons are downright infuriating. I have compiled a directory of the dungeons I hate to perform. In reverse order:

    First coming from all, why the many spiders, Blizzard? Do you have a thing for arachnids? Some of us (Me) employ a unreasonable anxiety about spiders, even digital ones.  This instance can be quite mechanics heavy, meaning pugs provides you with a HUGE headache.  I suggest only running this with Warmane Gold guildies or friends, to prevent problems. The second boss will lock via using your abilities unless you are dispelled, and now we all know how great people from LFG are near dispelling. Then final boss has a lot of running and dodging items that will kill you.  This dungeon is another bit tricky to navigate and it’s simple to get lost or get into a mob.

    I guarantee most of you realized to see this listed as my primary. Why? Because this dungeon was absolutely horrible, with out one I knew EVER wanted to go. The open world design seemed cool unless you realized that you will still had to fight specific bosses, in the specific order, to find the next boss to spawn. The worst part around the Oculus were the drakes. Three different colored drakes, each with separate abilities and purposes, which was required to be explained at length.

    The final boss required you to definitely complete the full fight within the drakes, which required an experienced hand using their abilities, which a small number of knew, as countless would see this show up in their queue and quickly leave. Blizzard found themselves patching in the extra loot bag for Outland Gold people who stayed from it for the duration, but even that had been not enough incentive to perform this dungeon nightmare.

    These dungeons put us on edge, just what are some of your least favorite dungeons and why? Let us know inside the comments below or speak with us on Facebook, Twitter, or on our forums!