• Let’s face the facts straight, pregnancy is not always a glamorous undertaking. It has it’s own share of ups and downs, Indeed, the great challenge of maternity photography (and any kind of portraiture, for that matter), is to make the model look and feel their absolute best. In short, to look glamorous!

    There are plenty of ways to do this — framing, lighting, and wardrobe selection. But where it all burns down to is how YOU feel about yourself. After all, nothing but confidence is what we believe to be the key to looking glamorous. Here are a few points that’ll help you gain all that it needs for a glamorous maternity photoshoot.

    Your belly is perfect.

    First things first, let go of worrying over stretch marks.  I'm sure many people out there must have scared you with their perception of stretch marks. They are nothing but your hard-earned tiger stripes and yes they totally are!! 

    We know in the end of the day, it does leave a person a little conscious and uncomfortable when it comes to getting them photographed. But what is real beauty if it isn’t flawed at all?

    Trust yourself first.  Never put yourself into a place that feels uncomfortable or straining. 

    Display your memories. 

    Let your maternity photos hang down the wall of your nursery!  Plan your newborn session with your newborn photographer so that your baby's photos and your maternity photography stylistically work well with the colors and themes within your nursery.  When you find yourself rocking a crying baby to sleep in the middle of the night, looking at those priceless memories on the wall will definitely make you think it’s worth it all.

    Take it off. 

    Remove any tight bras or straps at least 1-2 hours before your shoot to make sure there are no imprints in your skin.  This may seem like a worthless tip, but is definitely one of the most easily forgotten.

    Trust in the photographer.

     Most moms-to-be don't enter the studio moving in slow motion with wind blowing through their hair while wearing the perfect belly-hugging dress and stilettos.  Let's be real here.  He knows how to wrap your body in timeless fabrics and pose your body so YOU and your belly and the center of attention. 

    Bring special items. 

    I'll be the first to tell you that I won't balance a pair of booties on your belly but do you have a special necklace that's been in your family that you plan to pass on to your baby?  Or a special piece of cloth or fabric made by your own grandmother?  Something that inspired your baby's name?  Think about anything you'd like your baby to remember when she looks at these photos in 18 years. 

    Include Hubby.  

    Hubbies and maternity shoots are a great combination. You wouldn’t mind a little help from someone who’d know the right way to get you in your comfort zone, would you?

    Moreover, maternity shoots gives out you two a lot precious, timeless moments to be cheered for life.

    Your baby will want these photos when she grows up

    Do you have photos of your mother while she was carrying you?  If you do I bet you treasure them and if you don't I bet you wish you did.  If you're not going to do a maternity session for yourself do it for your baby's memories of you. 

    Don’t think twice!


    One day you'll be gone and your baby will want to show her baby what her grandmother looked like.  It’s now or never!

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