Rediscover yourself with Reiki healing

  • Dr. Geetanjali Saxsena is a Wellness Coach with more than two decades of
    experience. She is trained in multiple modalities under various international
    trainers which give her a multi-cultural experience to understand people from
    all walks of life. Dr. Geetanjali Saxena is a complete believer in the Free Will
    which we all have been gifted by the Almighty. She offers spiritual healing
    through Reiki, Theta, etc. She provides the best Reiki treatment in Mumbai
    through her years of experience.
    Reiki holds many wonderful benefits and its positive healing energy works on
    many different levels. Primarily, Reiki works on all four levels of our being:
     Mental
     Physical
     Emotional
     Spiritual
    Following are various benefits of Reiki on our mind, body and soul.
    Reiki naturally brings you into a state of deep relaxation, promoting balance
    and a release of stress, anxieties, and tension in your brain. This mental
    balance enhances learning, memory, and mental perspective. It allows you to
    let go of negative thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes, replacing them with
    positivity and peace. It can enhance your receptive abilities and encourage you
    to focus on your personal growth and potential through greater understanding
    of self. Dr. Geetanjali Saxsena approaches her client with full disclosure of
    thoughts and feeling. No wonder she is considered to be the best provider of
    Reiki treatment in Mumbai.
    Reiki can help mend the broken. It assures you of the emotional stability that
    you long for. Reiki enhances your capability to love and helps you to open up
    to the people around you, enabling you to mend relationships. Reiki allows you
    to connect with people on a deeper level. Life in Mumbai is extremely tough.

    The hustle and bustle are not always good for your mental and emotional
    health. So when the time comes you feel you need to lift pressure from your
    shoulders and need to breathe, Reiki is the solution to your problems. If you're
    from Mumbai and wonder is there any Reiki healing near me. There is. Dr.
    Geetanjali Saxsena is the healing expert in Mumbai!
    Reiki is regarded as a spiritually guided life force that stems from five divine
    origins. Reiki promotes the qualities of love, understanding, and acceptance,
    and leads you towards your spiritual growth. It helps you have compassion for
    both yourself and others. Reiki reinforces the connection to your soul and
    divinity within. It brings about the concept that you are part of something
    magnificent and greater where each individual is not just a human being.
    Reiki supports and accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal itself, helping
    release blockages, alleviate pain and relieve any other symptoms. Reiki creates
    harmony and balance in the entire body, creating an overall feeling of well-
    being. It also helps you get in touch with your body’s natural healing energy,
    which assists you to become more in tune with your body and develop a
    greater awareness of your body’s needs.
    If you’re ready to experience spiritual transformation, Dr. Geetanjali Saxsena
    will guide you through the journey. She has practical experience of more than
    one decade in spiritual healing. She provides the best Reiki treatment in
    Mumbai and also provides other kinds of spiritual guidance.