How to Calculate How Much It Will Cost to Move to a New City?

  • You may have the job transfer letter on your hand or you are planning to move to another city to start a new life. No matter what's the reason behind relocation what matters here the most is how to plan a safe and hassle free move and that too within your budget. Well, moving to another city is undoubtedly an expensive event but you can plan your move within your budget if you will know when and for what you will be charged during your move and how much it will actually cost you to move to a new city.


    Packing materials

    Packing materials are the essentials to pack your stuff and you have to buy higher-quality packing supplies to secure your goods from damages and breakages. So, buying this will cost you a lot and you should include the expenses of packing supplies in your budget.


    Transportation charges

    After packing your goods you need to transport it for which you have to book a moving truck to load and transport the goods. So, you have to add the transportation charges also in your moving budget. This is generally based on the distance of your move and the volume and weight of the goods.


    Packers and movers charges

    If you will hire packers and movers instead of doing it by yourself then also they will charge you for packing and transporting your belongings. They will add charges for packing supplies, packing charges, loading unloading charges, unpacking charges, etc. For this you should get quotes from various movers and packers so that you can compare the charges of movers and packers to hire the best suited one.


    Moving time

    If you are moving between May to September then prices may be a bit more expensive as this is the peak time to relocate and the movers charges 20% more than usually they charge.


    Your moving expenses or cost depend on the distance of your move. If you want to move from one state to another then, your moving expenses will be higher. Movers and packers charge you for the volume of the goods and the place where you are moving. So, for ex- if you are moving from Delhi to Bangalore which is approximately 2,000 km and you are moving with 2BHK household goods then they will charge you approx. INR 30,000. and if you are moving within a state with less than 300 km then, the cost of your move will not be more than 15,000. So, calculating the distance of your move and volume of your goods you can assume your moving cost and try to do everything within your budget. You can move without any stress with them and can enjoy safe and smooth relocation experience under the supervision of professional packers and movers in Bangalore & packers and movers in Pune.