New Worlds to become Added Gradually After F2P Conversion

  • The Buy TOS Silver team incorporates a new post to offer a few information about the transition from Early Access to absolve to play. From the 21st of April over the 27th of April, Early Access packages may go on Steam sale for 30% off of the normal price as a result of the shortened level of time players can have access to your Founders' server.

    When F2P launches, the group will keep the Founders' server as the only 1 if and until there is usually a need for more servers to become added because of increasing numbers of players. Developers think this help keep servers full, such as the Founders' server. If sooner or later in the future, founders need to transfer to an alternative server, people that purchased Cheap Tree Of Savior Silver will probably be given a one-time Team Transfer  to accomplish that.