“Digital egg” of each one department

    In addition to your partner Digimon inside Digimon Masters Tera game, it really is also an essential part in the game for being able to strengthen the complete combat strength from the acquisition of "combat beasts and digital beasts!" In order to get yourself a “combat beast and digital beast”, players can buy the “digital egg” of each one department by performing a task or battle, and then utilize the NPC “black monster” to scan to search for the “digital egg incubation chip” and after that all the hatching elements.

    Send towards the digital egg hatching machine for hatching, that may be, the ability to get "Mercenary Digimon"! Please pay special attention for the player before hatching. Input the elements in the digital egg incubator to makes use of the specified variety of identical chips. After entering 3 times successfully, you may obtain the digital beast, in case you want to still hatch the more efficient digital beast, The hatching process must bear the chance of failure. Once the hatching fails, in addition to your loss of DMO Currency elements, it'll likewise destroy the hard-won digital eggs!