New "Digital Chip System"

    Celebrate Halloween's new launch from the " Digimon Masters Tera ". Players could only win the "digital chip" by beating the "Xuanwu Digimon", "Flowers Fairy Digimon", "Mongolian Digimon"... And for unblocking, the defending power of players along with the digital Digimon partners will likely be increased proportionally. In addition, when the amount of uncapped chips reaches 3000 (MASTER level), the identical digital Digimon since the captain are going to be set as being the captain all of which will appear around the shoulders from the players to address together.

    Role skills re-evolution. Simultaneously launching the "Role Skills Re-evolution", players can make to simultaneously equip 2 types of time-sensitive skills like "courage", "friendship", "hope", "innocence"... to boost "fighting", "defense" and " Move "..." as well as other Digimon Masters Online Currency capabilities.