Digimon Online "Rescue My Love"

  • Dixin Online's Digimon Masters Tera will release a latest version of “Save my beloved” for the 27th from the Ming dynasty, together with the addition on the burst type “Red Lotus Cavalier - Real Red Lotus Type” and “Red Lotus Cavalier” riding. In addition to a assortment of digital Digimons, like the "Six-winged Digimon" and "Making World of Warcraft", both new characters "Taroogawa Meime" and "Ishida Daiwa" will be simultaneously. In addition, the "Save my beloved" version will even introduce a team BOSS system, a ranking compensation system, as well as new maps on the village of Xinxinren and Yinguang Lake. Detailed information within the revised version is usually referred to below.

    During the time period from the 27th towards the 30th of September, the members only need to go to your wild map to hunt the digital Digimons, collect five different colors from the Digimon illustrated book “Knowledge Box”, and transfer exactly the same color on the Digimon Pictorial to your Snowman Digimon. According to your color and quantity with the illustrated book, you may get “golden bell”, “fruit of miracles” along with DMO Currency rewards.