Digimon Online "The Chaos Clown Emperor" Ultimately Revised Edi

  • The Chaos Clown Emperor is really a member with Digimon Masters Online Tera . It carries a different shape which is full of mysteries. It is usually a monster-like digital Digimon stuffed with mystery, and its particular power is really powerful that other digital Digimons can hear the "Chaotic Clown Emperor". change. Its nirvana is often a "mask square" that summons dark breath to address the enemy and provide a strong injury, plus an "empertional blade" that quickly throws the four swords behind it to complete continuous attacks.

    "The ultimate sea drake" is definitely an ultra-large DMO Currency with invincible ability to make sea. It could be the overlord inside water. It not simply has unrivalled speed from the water, but has amazing fighting ability. It could be the ultimate polar body comparable for the amphibious battleship. Digimon. Its nirvana is to produce energy torpedoes from cannons within the mouth, offer the enemy a fatal blow for the "billions of giant sea destruction guns," or launch "airwaves" of numerous air-to-air energy bombs from your back to remove threats from opponents.