Forgotten Mech Engine - "RK-9 Hangar"

  • Tera PC Items opened two new copies of "RK-9 hangar" and "Isaiah Research Base" this (12th) and launched the new mount "Impossible Firebird", willing to spread and also release a copy of the background and gameplay. Features and other related information. In addition, the official notice, the new occupation will come out at the end of the year.
    Rumor has it that Rodez sought help from the guardians. In order to repay the risky life-savings of the risk-takers, he went around and asked the suspicious old man. Although he found his sight, he could not find out his true identity. The perseverance investigation revealed that the suspicious old man and Akadefa had built a mysterious hangar. After an in-depth investigation of this mysterious space, he discovered that it was a secret space where only cold machines were operating. The suspicious old man will plunge into the crazy experiment of extracting the “Akede Method Minerals” with powerful energy from the “Saiiros Research Base”. This kind of experiment poses an unknown danger to the “Aleborg Leiya” player. It is necessary to Buy Tera Gold that brings the end of the world through the many tests of the Mechanical Corps.