Countdown to the battle starts fighting for their glory

    The simultaneous reopening of Tera PS4 Items is different from the normal battlefield. The newly added "Underground Radiating Battlefield" will allow adventurers who are not familiar with PVP to fight without pressure! Although the competition method is based on time-limited battles, individual scores are used to determine scores. Competitors do not need to care about other players and can concentrate on personal battles to experience a new battlefield.
    In addition, regardless of whether our army or the enemy employs an anonymous system, not only that, but also in accordance with the appearance of the profession is completely unified, players can fight without burden. At the same time, the combat score is divided into four detailed scores, which are obtained based on the "kill score" for defeating the enemy in the final blow, the "attack score" for the proportion of enemy damage, and the percentage of actual recovery treatment by our teammates including myself. "Recover scores" and the last degree to make the other party unable to fight back is converted into Buy Tera Gold PS4 . Through the accumulation of multi-faceted scores, players will enjoy more fun.