The Riding Type Digital Digimon

  • Added the riding type Digimon Masters Tera "Silver Dragon Digimon" and "The Blood Wolf Digimon"
    The newly redesigned "Emperor's Awakening" insect emperor in this "Diwao Online" special synchronously opens the "Dragon Drake" and "Scarlet Digimon" riding modes. Players will be able to lead the "Dragon Drake" and "Scarce Digimon" to the digital game. Free and elegant soaring in the world to experience more unique gameplay

    "Infinity Mountain Area" is a cave located at the summit of the Infinity Mountain. It is a villain of evil spirits, and players can explore and overcome various areas within the "Infinity Mountain Area." In addition, in addition to the five heavyweight Boss who used to play in the past, Infinity Zone added the new heavyweight Boss to “Dead World of Warcraft.” All Boss are different in difficulty, and the debut mode is also somewhat different. Differently, all Boss other than "Gagarion" need to use cards for summoning, and if they want to challenge the ultimate devil "Devil World of Warcraft", they must first defeat the remaining five Boss in the Dien City in order to successfully fight. Digimon Masters Gold Players who like to conquer the limit, quickly explore the "Infinite Mountain Area".