Miniguns Update Launches Today with Elin Gunner

  • En Masse Entertainment is updating Tera PS4 Items today using the Miniguns content expansion. Among other things, players is able to get started playing the brand new Elin Gunner. In addition, it generates the hard mode for TERA's RK-9 Kennel and a game-wide leveling event that may run through January 2nd.

    All players who take up a new character will unlock occasion rewards while making the most of the leveling event. This can include gems, a small time looting pet, Elite Status for any short time, or a permanent Snowdrift mount. Any Elin Gunner that will reach max level will earn a Pink Will Suit and also a Pink Arcannon.

    Lastly, anyone spending 3+ hours amongst gamers throughout December will "receive an exclusive Weekend Boom box that may yield great items including Tera Gold PS4 , Noctenium Elixirs or a Royal Diamond Dragon or Azure Phoenix flying mount."