Why on Earth Can’t I Play a Dwarf?!

  • There are a couple of fights in places you feel swarmed and may put out good AOE DPS dropping them in a hurry, plus in these moments MU Legend Items shines. But then solutions in the early levels when you’re just holding down left click awaiting a mob to die. That’s boring. Someone can comment whether or not this changes further in, as my Warmage managed things more speedily around level 12 or 13 when he'd more skills. But any MMO today needs combat to hook you immediately, plus the slow build to quick kills is worrisome.

    I like that Soul Level (think Diablo 3’s Paragon system) is one thing you have for each and every character, and it’s unlocked from the very beginning. The level cap in MU Items is 65, just make sure hit that, your Soul Level will keep going up or higher, since you add more stats like Crit Damage, Movement Speed, Money Gain, Melee Power, Magic Power, Defense, and the like to your character.