Features of MapleStory M

  • Pets: Cute and adorable friends will automatically pick-up items falling from MapleStory 2 Mesos enemies and bring them to your inventory. Amounts: Get a lot early to get around Victoria Island faster!Maps: Victoria Island, El Nath Mountains and Nihal Desert are around to explore!Jewel System: Bejewel your character with Jewels to find statistical gains!

    Just twenty or so minutes before, Liu have been studying for any Multivariable final when he received a communication from a MapleStory friend. A vulnerability inside game's programming was discovered that could allow Liu with his fantastic friends to "dupe"—duplicate—hundreds of things, before Nexon, the South Korean company that publishes MapleStory, could become popular.The bedroom was silent apart from the constant beeping of Skype notifications, between Liu and someone that called himself Duke. Liu stared at Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos his display screen and typed rapid-fire.