Version 0.56 Patch Notes

  • Nexon has posted the production notes for version 0.56 of MapleStory 2 Mesos . The new version features a new land to understand more about, skill revisions, new gameplay features, new quests, and even more.MapleStory Client ver. 0.56 will be here!The Sizzling Summer of MapleStory has arrived! New Town, New PQ, New Monsters, New items, New Cash Shop, New UI/functionality and much more!ARIANTA new land is open! Located on the continent of Ossyria, the desert oasis of Ariant awaits!

    Explore the latest town, new quests and new dangers!Grab a team of your friends and tackle the Ariant Coliseum Challenge party competition! Visit now!The town of Ariant is renowned for being careful of travelers--become a part of the town by drinking water in Ariant Castle's Palace Oasisand then addressing Byron classes experienced their skills adjusted for Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos better balance and gameplay! See what new to suit your needs!