En Masse Entertainment is Letting Fans Pick Closers’ Next Event

  • In a really interesting turn of events, En Masse Entertainment is allowing Closers Credits fans to select what’s feasible with their next community event by putting a pair of the game’s characters against 1 another in a vote. Tina (left) and Harpy (right) include the two under consideration, since the developer is asking you to cast your vote starting on March 6th, and based on who you choose, that could determine that happen to be the primary character next community event in April. The finer info is below from other website, but it's almost guaranteed that whoever doesn’t win will try to be featured int he event after that one.

    To cast your vote throughout this community event, players use Wolf Dog Cookies to craft whether Tina or even a Harpy support box which is worth one vote. You can earn materials to craft Tina or Harpy support boxes these ways: stage clears, PvP wins, and Daily Login Rewards. In addition to vote tokens, players could also craft either an 8-Bit Tina or Harpy mask to exhibit their support because of their favorite character! Voting closes on Wednesday, March 14, in the dark UTC. The results with the community event will probably be revealed on March 15 and and also the chosen character are going to Buy Closers Credits be available in-game on April 3!