Frost Suits Now Available inside TERA Store

  • Drop from the store right now to pick up Tera Gold a fashionable suit to hold you warm until Spring! In fact, they'll just be available before first day of Spring — March 20th at 10 a.m. PST. There's also two more different options if you love that Dyeable Frost Suit; you can test your luck in a cheap loot box or perhaps buy it directly!

        Dyeable Frost Suit Loot Box (95 EMP) — This loot box is certain to contain 200 Metamorphic Emblems, and may even also have a Dyeable Frost Suit smart box, dyad niveot structures, golden or silver talents, more emblems, or another consumables.
        Frontera Frost Suit Smart Box (995 EMP) — This smart box has a Frontera Frost Suit suited to your race and gender.
        Dyeable Frost Suit Smart Box (1,995 EMP) — This smart box has a Dyeable Frost Suit ideal for your race and gender.

    Remember, smart boxes automatically generate the corresponding equipment to your character with Tera Items after you open them.