Ways to Get the Level 50 Cygnus Knight Mount

  • Mounts are creatures that MapleStory 2 Mesos players can ride on for faster biking from the massive multiplayer online role-playing bold  MapleStory. As a Cygnus Knight, the amateur gets the adventitious to secure a arise as anon while he alcove akin 50. This triggers a  alternation of quests that, already completed, will accolade the squad with the Mimiana  the aboriginal of three mounts  accessible to this particular class.Instructions1.Play the game until your Cygnus Knight reaches level 50. Dont spend way too many mesos --  the in-game currency -- along the route, as you will require a total of ten million mesos to have your mount.2.Travel to Ereve and  speak with Neinheart the tactician. You will find him two screens on the right of the crossroads of Ereve.3.Return for the  crossroads of Ereve after which enter the portal left of it to succeed in the training forest. Only Cygnus Knights can  access the portal. Go left before you reach the Training Forrest III map and grab the top-left portal to Kiridus  Hatchery.4.Speak to Kiridu to get the Mimiana egg. Kiridu may be the mount trainer who stands in front on the eggs for the  left in the portal. He will tell you that you need to realize experience for your egg to hatch.5.Return to the education forest  and battle monsters to realize experience.

    If that you are level 50, the egg should hatch ahead of your character reaches level  51. Double-click about the egg to look at up a status window that shows the eggs growth. The egg passes through three stages of  development: first your toes appear, and the egg and ultimately the Mimiana will emerge.6.Return to Kiridu if your egg  hatches and the man will give you a fresh mission. The Mimiana is just not strong enough to become mount yet and special  supplements. Return to your crossroads and meet with Kiru, the station guide, to go ahead and take sky ferry to Orbis. From Orbis, speak  on the station guide and request for passage to Mu Lung which could be the area within the far right from the world map. You will display on a  platform near to a crane talk with it for just a unique trip.7.Go to Herb Town after you arrive on Mu Lung. Speak towards the crane that  dropped you off on Mu Lung and pay him 500 mesos to grab the trip. Use the portal located inside the left of town to attain the  pier within the beach. Speak on the dolphin found here. He is able to take you on the aquarium for that price of 10,000 mesos, so  pay him and make trip.8.Use the Jump button (ALT) to swim on the building within the middle in the map. Enter and meet with  Kenta the zoo trainer, the individual in blue. Kenta will tell you that the supplements cost ten million mesos. Pay him and  retrace your steps returning to Kiridu to perform the mission and find your level 50 mount.

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