Nexon Released Orchestra OST To Celebrate MapleStory 5000 Days

  • Nexon released the OST album, an orchestra commemorating the 5000 day service on MapleStory 2 Mesos the online game Maple Story. The album was composed from the 88-member Budapest Symphonic Scoring Orchestra, who took part in film and game OST.The album was published under the name of MapleStory Symphony in Budapest and features the theme of Start the sport at the beginning with the service in addition to The Cygnus Garden , The Tune Of the Azure Light).

    Nexon now offers contents like music releases, performances, etc. from the Necode, an expert music label. He also produced Maple Storys North American and Japanese OST albums, and also albums featuring domestic maple story music.Webzen uses the sport music composer Jesper Kyd for My Legend.Jesper Kid received Best Original Music in the British Film and Television Academy with the Arts (BAFTA) when he was nominated for Best Soundtrack with the Year for his music. . He has been involved in the sport music creation of Assassins Creed and Hitman.Jessup Kid will be the first to collaborate with Korean game companies through Webzens new PC sport My Legend. On February 19, two songs were released, such as theme song The Battlefield of Memory by Mu Legend and Shorelines associated with an Unknown World.

    Webzen is preparing a complete of 12 OSTs, including 2 songs already released, along with the rest from the songs could be heard in the experience after the regular service from the game. My Legend, which includes undergone two unclassified tests (CBT), promises to launch a public test in the My Legend throughout the first quarter with this year.In addition, Rongutu Games has utilized Idol Taeyeon like a model for promoting its game Cheap MS 2 Mesos Sword and Magic and has now become popular to be a theme song including Atlantis Girl.