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  • I have played the sport since its standalone release in 09 also played Digimon Masters Online Currency in 09 (almost many years playing) its an excellent game virtually the best a digimon game will get as an mmo really the only reason i ended playing at the beginning of this year was because pvp was promised almost 36 months ago and contains yet to get put within the game then when u do all the pve there isnrrrt much left to signing in for so its definitely worth the time, although iu have hope pvp are going to be add'd simply because they dropped it on steam.

    Honestly the game is really good, however, in my opinion the combat might get extremely boring after some time making grinding near impossible. I am creating a thumbs up because when played in short bursts it is deemed an amazing game with digimon that appear to be badass as ????, it's absolve to play DMO Currency so there's really nothing to lose here, Download mafia wars.