The difference in Digimon Masters Online

  • There is usually a tamer level (you) along with a Digimon Masters Online Tera level. The tamer levels up slower when compared to the Digimon, but gains small increases in HP and MP. You have being at a certain level to equip a Digivice or use certain accessories that enhance the stats of Digimon. Higher level Digivices likewise have more slots to equip more boosts. If your Digimon falls in battle, it counts to be a death and you also respawn around despite having the full HP tamer. You can have around 3 Digimon anytime, and you can only call 1 out at any moment. MP (it's known as Digisoul with this game) can be activate Digivolving.

    The Digimon levels faster compared to tamer in addition to their stats grow accordingly. Digimon hatched from eggs who have had higher numbers of data placed to the egg may have higher stats corresponding to their size. For example, a Digimon 120 cm should have 120% on the normal stats while Digimon at 90 cm is only going to have 90% in the stats. The highest I have seen thus far is 132 cm. After obtaining a certain amount of experience, additionally they gain skill points to power up certain attacks. At level 11, your Digimon gains their Champion form, level 25 for Ultimate, and level 41 for Mega. Burst mode happens to be unavailable. Only the starting Digimon Masters Online Gold can do Burst Mode.