Jeiidaan Reviews on Closers

  • A fun hacky-slashy korean mmo, its definitely best for Closers Credits folks who don't intend to try out all day. It's great in my opinion who is a adult, both working and attending college, the fatigue system doesn't affect me yet. It's the only real downside towards the game for me personally. Otherwise, I love the characters as well as the graphics also as the fighting system. I think the fatigue technique is a great way to make money using players who want to experiment with more. It's upsetting considering I paid $15 correctly.

    Still, the overall game itself is fun and enjoyable. I like the advantage of playing a lot of characters as you are get buffs across banking account depending on their level that is great considering every character has their very own fatigue bar.

    An mmo definitely for individuals who Buy Closers Credits have busy days and perhaps have enough time for 1-3 hours of game time daily.