Endgame of Closers

  • Endgame is very straightforward, you reach near the Closers Credits level cap (70) so you start Tiamat or EX Zone. It's a very challenging zone to become in for anyone undergeared but using the recent patch since 5/8/2018 it made gearing less painful. However true endgame is dependent upon what you enjoy.

    o you wish to do more damage for faster runs, or look pretty. That's basically your only 2 methods of True Endgame. Getting gear is actually straight forward and merely requires dedication to dailies. However getting near perfect stats or enhancement levels requires in game credit’s and a whole lot of time. IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE PERFECT STATS OR A +14/15. Do not let people fool you or cause you to feel bad when you have all +10's and low stats in comparison with them. Everyone is literally overgeared for that content and simply wish to speedrun. As long as your gear stay's as much as date, the tunings and enhancement Closers Credits NA levels are simply just min maxing, that is certainly all there exists to it.