Digimon Masters Online Announces Find The Wanted Event

  • Digimon Masters Tera is usually a very interesting franchise to discuss. It came as soon as the boom of Pokemon, and lots of saw it being a “clone” and absolutely nothing else. But for individuals who gave it the possibility and watched it, these people were changed forever. Digimon has lived don / doff ever since, delighting fans with deep stories, epic battles, and also some fantastic video games. One in the ones that’s currently still available is Digimon Masters Online, a MMORPG that harkens back in the original Digimon series, and lets players dive right into a unique take for the Digital World.

    But as everyone knows, it’s not just about creating a MMORPG, it’s about maintain the players entertained while playing it, which means that special attractions need to get made. Well, Digimon Masters Online recently started a brand new one that’ll have you ever tracking down a wanted Digimon. In “Find The Wanted,” you’ll be on the daily pursuit to find and defeat SkullSatamon. If you are able to defeat him, you’ll obtain a special Bounty Box that has a random item inside. Right-click into it to see what you'll receive!

    This event just enhances the wonder of Digimon Masters Gold  , which features real-time combat, over 100+ mercenary Digimon useful, a massive world for more information on, plus more. The game is obtainable on Steam if you would like try it out.