Advantages of Ansimag Pump

  • Mascot Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. over last 5 years has grown exponentially
    with present staff strength of 70 plus and has spread its operation
    PAN India with the presence in all major cities for engineered
    mechanical applications and solutions for various industries.
    Their innovative solutions to increase efficiency and reliability of the
    products and facilities are highly appreciated by the industries. Thus
    enabling to win the confidence and increase the business
    The Sundyne ANSIMAG pump is ideal for most corrosive or acidic
    applications in the Chemical, Power & Industrial, Oil & Gas industries.
    Sundyne ANSIMAG pump has a unique combination of Design
    Features, Application Expertise, and Local Support available in PAN
    India. They are the most reliable Seal less non-metallic Pumps.
    Keeping their plant up and running thanks to the credible services.
    ANSIMAG pumps rigidly support the stationary pump shaft at the
    pump suction and rear containment shell. Sundyne ANSIMAG pump
    keeps your equipment up and running by providing a fully supported
    platform for the rotating impeller of the pumps, preventing any
    radial destruction when operating at low flow conditions. Sundyne
    ANSIMAG pumps increases the allowable operating range and
    reliability of the pump over cantilevered or overhung impeller

    ANSIMAG pumps feature a single piece closed impeller that is
    separate from the inner magnet drive. The impeller is attached to
    the inner drive of non metallic pumps. Sundyne ANSIMAG pump
    have patented tongue and groove system. Unlike competitive
    designs, the single piece impellers are replaceable which enables a
    cost-effective approach to both warehouses spares management and
    ease of re-rating operation conditions for the unit.
    Sundyne ANSIMAG pump is as energy efficient as non metallic
    pumps. The non-metallic pumps generate no hypothesis losses
    during operation. No hypothesis loss means no heat generation and
    no power loss. With a burst pressure of non metallic pumps, the
    fibre reinforced vinyl ester shell provides ANSIMAG pumps with
    ANSIMAG pumps can be quickly and easily serviced in any industry.
    Unlike the competition, Sundyne ANSIMAG pump consists of only 9
    wetted parts. Routine maintenance or repairs of can be performed
    in the field with no special training or tools. Making it the most
    convenient industrial pump.
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