4 Reasons Bearing Isolators Leak Lubricant

  • The most common perception of bearing housing seal failure on process pumps is lubricating oil leaking from the bearing housing. For most operators, the analysis is simple: no leaking oil means the seal is fine while leaking oil equates to failure. Though true for contact seals, the presence of leaking oil from a Bearing Isolator is most likely due to factors other than seal failure.

    1. Too Much Oil: -

    It appears to be basic, yet the best reason for Bearing Isolators in india spillage on process pumps is an over-filled bearing lodging. It has turned out to be basic practice for upkeep experts to top off to, if not somewhat finished, the greatest fill line. The reasoning is that if spillage happens, there will be additional grease accessible. This training can unintentionally add to spillage. Luckily, once came back to the best possible level, Bearing Isolators will by and large quit spilling and come back to ordinary capacity. There might be some oil spillage as the seal clears itself of overabundance ointment, yet that ought to reduce after some time.

    2. Orientation: -

    Most Bearing Isolators have an ointment return composed into their individual maze designs. This arrival should be introduced at the base flawlessly focused or six o'clock position of the Bearing Isolator for legitimate capacity. This enables oil to effortlessly come back to the sump. A standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons for uncalled for seal introduction is an absence of preparing or vague establishment guidelines.

    3. Obstructed Lubricant Return Path: -

    Most current Bearing Isolators are compelling at gathering sprinkle oil in their individual maze designs. When they have gathered the grease, they require an unmistakable, unhindered way to return gathered oil back to sump. However, the arrival way to the sump might be hindered by counter-exhausts in the lodging, which were initially intended to give a positive stop to squeeze in lip seals. The territory between the bearing and the bearing lodging seal may do not have a deplete channel. At the point when this happens, ointment will gather around there until the point that the space turns out to be totally overflowed and the seal spills. To illuminate this, the territory between the bearing and the Bearing Isolators in Mumbai must incorporate an unhindered return pathway to the sump. Depending on the oil to deplete to sump just through the bearing will probably bring about ointment spillage.

    4. Improperly Applied External Oilers:-

    External oilers are extremely sensitive to position and must be installed on the proper side of the housing relative to the direction of shaft rotation following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Oilers must also be installed square and straight. The pipe connecting the external oiler to the bearing housing must also be sufficiently ridged to prevent vibration or shaking the oiler. Questionable installations may result in over-filling of the bearing housing and subsequent lubricant leakage.