I suggest that we bring back the Maplestory Items

  • I suggest that we bring back the Maplestory Items older method of degree range only characters, which are allowed to receive the rewards instead of "those strikes the elite supervisor, gets at least 1 reward" method. I understand people depend on those Elite Bosses to make maplestory mesos from these but they shouldn't need to ks the player or cause the player to lag by bothering their gameplay. If the community can't learn to respect other people, then I believe they might have to follow a new set of principles so as to get what they want.

    This dilemma was becoming a huge problem in my own server and it is keeping me and some of my friends from making some more characters due to the lack of respect individuals are giving. I know "this is the internet, we can't control people online" but whats the point of playing the sport if individuals scare away the players from the Best place to buy mesos game?

    Maplestory Experimental addition

    This addition isn't something which will kill me if I didnt see that it inserted into the game with the rest of my idea, but I believe that it would balance out recognizable buffs. This notion probably wont be hot for many, but hear me out: