Market was gathered from MS2 Mesos

  • This isn't a Reboot character. In fact, this is Maplestory Mesos my primary character in my home server, Renegades, and I'm equipping no godly gears bought from the FM, and also best equip I have there is only one Unique Fafnir Indigo Flash. I could manage all those gears because right now, they have been cheap enough for me to just buying each these weapons for even my very own mules.

    Here is how to make itAccess to Flat 205 and invest the majority of your Hyper Stat SP towards Damage.Get one SS character card set and two S character card sets.Get these following Link Characters: Kanna, Demon Avenger, Xenon, Luminous, Cannoneer. Purchase a full Fafnir set, and Reinforced Gollux Pendant and Belt.Scroll everything with 70% charm follow except for your Gollux equips.Invest on Epic Possible scrolls, but try to get almost all of them from occasions whenever possible.Keep performing Easy Magnus until you get a Nova cape from him.Obtain the blocks from Rewards Shop along with the Commerci PQ.

    And the stuff I've been selling in the Free Market was gathered from MS2 Mesos Elite Boss battles I struggled while training link personalities for both Renegades and Galicia characters, mostly Clean Slate Scroll 10 percent, Epic Scroll 50 percent, and Black Star Potions found at Root Abyss secret shops.By the way this was really done on certain characters, in this instance Kanna. I've noticed it was also simple to receive a Cannoneer and a Xenon to 100k range by scrolling complete sets with 70 percent scrolls (do not understand why).

    Kinesis Update Preview

    Prepare for the next upgrade in the Reboot trilogy: Harness the energy of the mind with all the new playable character course, Kinesis! Use Psychic Points and telekinesis to attack monsters and control objects. After that, visit the newly updated Mu Lung Dojo, and fight through 41 flooring of creatures to be given a position and earn Mu Lung Dojo points. All this and more, in the Kinesis update!