Since I refuse to Maplestory 2 Mesos

  • Where's Maplestory now going to? This "A Much Better Maple" certainly got me back into the game but now I am very reluctant to remain, since I refuse to Maplestory 2 Mesos pay another $1000+ while other people transcend what I've earned through hard efforts and intense quantity of time, by simply spending and utilizing 1/10th of the effort and time.

    I am a current guild pioneer in Scania of this guild Tempted! I want to start a guild from the Reboot server! The name is tenative but the name will be TemptedR or ReTempted. Whichever gets the maximum votes I will use! Currently I am looking for some jrs. To help run the guild as I care to my principal guild in Scania in addition to run the one in the Reboot server! I intend to play in both servers equally and would love to have a nice guild that has a fantastic community going!

    We've got a flourishing community both in and out of game with Maple Story Mesos a decent amount of folks going to play on Reboot as well. I am looking for around 7-8 Jrs. I've possessed Tempted for eight nearly nine decades now so I have some expertise when it comes to leading a guild. The brand new guild in Reboot are also streamed on for Reboot play throughs, bossings and just fun things we will do. If you're interested in being considered for a jr place please either contact me, or post below and I will personally contact you personally!

    Greetings Maplers! My name is Jason and I'm here recruiting for Tempted's brand new branch in the Reboot server! We will be keeping the name Tempted in Reboot and so are super excited to start the newest division of our excellent guild. Tempted's Reboot!! : For anyone who does not know Tempted is a guild at Scania where I've run for 8 decades of my Mapling Career! With the advent of Reboot I decided to bring Tempted into a brand new server!