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  • It's difficult and slow, but there is Fortnite materials a fantastic way to fix that problem: Switch the default controller settings to "Builder Pro." In this setting, each material is mapped to one of the shoulder or activate switches. It's a bit tricky at first, but -- despite the "pro" title -- is actually far simpler to use for building.

    Pick up that handgun and use it.

    In virtually any case in "Fortnite," you're better off walking right past that pistol until you discover a shotgun. The huge majority of combat in "Fortnite" is close enough proximity that shotguns are, by far, the most used weapon.

    It's also likely that the initial players you experience are inside of Buy fortnite items a building and the sole useful weapon inside of a building is really a shotgun. A single well-placed shell will carry other players, despite the most common of shotguns.

    Quit digging about for that sniper rifle you probably won't ever use and get you a good shotgun, and fast!

    The paid Battle Pass makes "Fortnite" an even better game, adding a slew of unlocks and many new development systems.

    With each new week of this Battle Pass period, a fresh pair of challenges to conquer. Good news: You don't need to tackle them instantly.