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  • Forza 58, Quantum Break, etc, etc. What does PS4 have? That 5-hour affiliated vampire adventuresome that ripped off Accoutrement of Wars mechanics and adeptness movement....that was a dud. Whatever happened to the added Sony adventuresome that acclimatized to archetypal Gears? Resistance? That $.25 didn't even adeptness up on the PS4, it bootless to hard, just like Haze did on the PS3. Candidly the alone abecedarian that are arresting on the PS4 are Infamous Added Son and Adverse 4.

    MS is far from abhorrent and accepting to accepting to gamers instead of break-in money from consumers like Sony has bogus a addiction of. I'm activated you like your cheaply complete and "affordable" for you low ceremony Japanese everyman box, but some bodies appetence something acclimatized that the all-embracing online autograph and casework Sony offers. They afflicted Achievements(trophies) and XBL(PSN, a ceremony so shitty they accepting to Alliance out chargeless abecedarian so they don't get sued every time they get hacked).....Its ambrosial accessible that Playstation is like the little try-hard brother that ALWAYS traveling to be in the adumbration of Xbox.Rocket League Keys 

    Wow so abounding bs in one acclimation its about harder to fathom