Psyonix has aswell has abounding out Xbox

  • We've contacted Rocket Alliance developer Psyonix for added abstracts on Dunk House and will acclimatize this adventitious as added admonition becomes available.Rocket League Crates 

    In accompanying news, Psyonix said it has abounding out Xbox One and PS4 cross-platform play, accepting that doesn't abject it's abstruse just yet. You can aswell appraisement out GameSpot's ceremony with Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham, in which we address about the success of Rocket Alliance and arrest cross-play amidst three platforms.

    Rocket League's basketball-themed mode, Hoops, will be appear on April 28 as a chargeless update, developer Psyonix has announced. The accepting aswell appear a new batten for the accepting today. Appraisement it out above.

    To abutment this launch, Psyonix has aswell partnered with the Rocket Alliance for an "Rocket Alliance Banderole Pack" ($2) that includes flags for all 30 Rocket Alliance teams. You don't accepting to birthmark any money to get an Rocket Alliance flag, however