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  • buy Dofus Touch Kamas While update 2.46 is at the heart of the debates Tot the CEO of Ankama took advantage of the first edition of AnkamaLive to tell us about a project under development DOFUS Dungeons which he presents on a new blog.

    Why choose this format?
    The "mod" or "server" format makes it possible to exploit the game's engine while adding risky elements for conventional servers.

    DOFUS Dungeons will be F2P (Free to play) and therefore totally free. The artistic direction of the game will gather the staff members of all the games of Ankama.

    The gameplay will be very inspired by the feedback of the players and in order to improve the performances an important work will be done on the acceleration 3D.

    Introducing DOFUS Dungeons

    DOFUS Dungeons is a DOFUS-based game mod which will launch via this one as a separate server.

    Very close to the original game it will buy Dofus Touch Goldcount a priori only 10 classes and some spells and mechanics will be reviewed see version 1.29. The game will be based on new dungeons and focused PvM (Players versus Monsters). Trades will be removed as well as the open world which will be replaced by many smaller instances.

    The background and the story of the game will be simplified to focus on the gameplay. The mod is like a homecoming.

    Regarding DOFUS and WAKFU MMO

    The development of DOFUS Dungeons will slow down the developments of the two main MMOs of Ankama. Updates will be focused on bug fixes and will benefit from DOFUS Dungeon tests.

    Important updates  such as 2.46 will be rarer or longer to arrive. online welcome!