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  • There has been a huge shift from the island to the city and especially to the suburbs that are well connected. The central sub has more to offer when it comes to more affordable accommodations at good peaceful locations. The population is now going to be growing very quickly like Kalyan, Dombivli, Ambarnath and Badlapur.

    These extended suburbs will offer really nice lifestyle with major upcoming residential project in Dombivli with all the modern amenities. They have a considerably great economic activity and industries that will set up shop in the areas, ongoing residential projects in Dombivili have a great demand.

    The lands are available at cheaper rate and for a good connectivity with all the big business hubs, as they have brought the Kalyan-Dombivli that has the adjoining areas into the limelight. Kalyan has one of the biggest sectors of central railway.

    Kalyan lies on the Old Mumbai Agra Road, it is a perfect connecting point between Navi Mumbai. The good infrastructure is one of the main factors that contribute to the development of the areas that are adjacent to Mumbai

    Also; Dombivali is just a 1 hour away from the new international airport at Navi Mumbai.  The ongoing residential projects in Dombivli are close to the main construction connecting to Ailbaug which will make an access to this weekend destination very quick an easy.

    The KDMC falls in the MMR and has been given a mandate to plan and develop the area. The MMRDA has proposed various projects that are keeping in mind the population and also the traffic movement.

    There are approx 1000 upcoming projects in Dombivili and Kalyan that has three new township projects. This could add almost around five lakh dwell in the unit of the area.

    The ongoing residential projects in Dombivili are mostly sold out the place is ideal with a huge number of schools and colleges with some good theatres and big malls all which will attract a buyer to have a good house.

    Despite the tremendous growth, it is to the credit of the administration that Kalyan-Dombivli has not faced any problem on this front. Kalyan boasts of its own fleet of transport buses with round-the-clock service to the local and adjoining areas of Navi Mumbai, as well.

    To invest in an upcoming residential project in Dombivili