4 crucial reasons to invest in Thane properties

  • Among top affordable options in Mumbai, Thane qualifies as a primary option.
    It boasts of its growing number of mid-income group population, efficient
    connectivity, and developments in infrastructure, etc. Five years back people
    looked for upcoming projects near Thane so that they can invest an amount
    around 15-20Lakhs and lead an affordable carefree life. But it was not possible
    five years ago. However, now the properties in and properties beyond Thane
    are available at a feasible price.
    Builders like Anant Nath Developers have made a promising entry into the
    world of lifestyle building. It's strong vision and mission of creating a lifestyle
    that promises to provide a life with an “extra'' factor of sophistication and
    affordability. With this perspective AND (Anant Nath Developers) is ready to
    bring happy living spaces to every lower middle-class population. They aim to
    provide every Mumbaikar and Navimumbaikar with luxury and comfort they
    Following are some crucial reason why you should buy property in
    Upcoming hub
    Mumbai which has witnessed expansive development activities in the past few
    decades. But it is also now witnessing a space crunch and problems arising due
    to poor planning of the city. It's high time people start investing in upcoming
    projects near Thane for cost-effective and luxurious life. Thane is a well-
    planned town with modern infrastructure to absorb the demand for a
    convenient and holistic lifestyle of every middle-income population.
    Vertical Growth
    Thane has upcoming localities witnessing a development of a mega 14 KM
    stretch. Currently, there is construction going on regarding the flyover
    connecting Thane and Mumbai directly. Thane is surrounded with famous
    localities like Pokhran 1 and 2, Ghodbunder Road, Kholset Road, Majiwada,
    and Waghbil. All these localities are witnessing a vertical growth in a literal
    sense, with sky-high residential and commercial towers. If you're looking to

    invest into properties beyond Thane there are various developers like AND
    Agasan who offer affordable housing.
    Credible Developers
    Real Estate Developers are the first ones to accurately judge an area’s growth
    and development potential and they accordingly forge their plan of
    constructing. And not more correctly, the Lodha Group, Kalpataru Group, AND
    Agasan group have set sights on Thane and have already come up with
    landmark estates.
    When in Thane, the commute will be off your stress list. Connectivity to
    Central Mumbai, Western Suburbs, and Navi Mumbai is comfortable thanks to
    better connectivity through public transport and highways like Eastern Express
    Highway which connects to Mumbai and the journey is a breeze, be it via road
    or trains.
    If you’re looking to invest in properties beyond Thane or in Thane AND Agasan
    is the right place for you.