3 Most Common Cake Baking Mistakes

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    The internet is packed with recipes for common folks. But Birdy's
    have the most delicious and fluffiest cakes in Mumbai. Following are
    some of the most common mistake we make while baking and hence
    fail to bake a perfect cake like Birdy’s.
    1. You aren’t measuring your ingredients accurately
    Too much flour or sugar can have a negative effect on the
    finished product. Follow the exact weights given in a recipe and
    don’t use second hand analogue scales that are hard to read
    and follow. Digital scales that weigh in 1g increments are your
    best friend while baking. Use calibrated measuring spoons than
    cutlery spoons. The latter aren’t standardized and are vague in

    2. Your raising agents are out of date
    If you use baking powder past its expiry date, your cakes won’t
    reach the fluffy heights you expect it to. To check the true
    expiry of your baking powder, mix 1tsp into 4tbsp of hot water
    and see if it bubbles up immediately then the charm is still

    3. Know the difference between Creaming. Beating and

    Creaming is mixing butter and sugar together until it pale and
    fluffy is mentioned in your recipe and is most efficiently done
    using an electric whisk according to the duration mentioned in
    the recipe.
    Beating refers to the process of adding eggs to the creamed
    sugar and butterfat. The best way to do this is to beat all your
    eggs in a jug first, then pour it in the bowl a little, so the
    mixture doesn’t curdle. Again, an electric whisk works better in
    beating. Make sure to keep the maximum amount of air in the
    Folding is the process of preserving all the precious air in your
    flour and dry ingredient so that the cake rises high.
    If you’re too vigorous, make the texture of your cake tough.
    Instead, use a spatula in a gentle and deliberate figure of eight
    motion, finishing with scraping the remains around the edge of
    the bowl. Repeat this action until you can’t see any more flour
    and feel the air in the batter. Do not over mix.

    Following are the most common things that go wrong while
    baking a perfect cake like Birdy’s.
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