6 Handy Tips To Preserve Baked Goods For A Long Time

  • If you are a baking enthusiast, you would certainly relate when we say there’s always
    room for a little extra dessert. Baking is certainly an art. It keeps you in sparkling spirits,
    especially when your baked goodies are praised by one and all. Yet, as difficult as it
    seems to bake those to rise to perfect shape and texture, preserving them for days to
    come is an even difficult task. Because once baked, wouldn’t your family and friends
    love to cherish their taste buds for a few days to go at least? Well of course.

    So here’s bringing to you some bakery tips to preserve your baked goods for a long
    time, for your family and friends to relish.

    Bake, Cool, And Preserve
    A cake without icing lasts longer, especially, when kept cling-film wrapped, or under
    a cake dome. To achieve this, you must cool your cake completely before wrapping it
    and preserving for days. If the cake is warm before wrapping, the moisture will set in and
    will make way for fungus to grow.

    Keep The Topping For Last Minute
    If you are baking a cake topped with whipped cream, do not whip the cream and garnish
    your cake until last minute of serving. Whipped cream loses its consistency sooner when
    left for some time, be it outside or in the fridge. For the cake to go a long way, it’s always
    better to whip the cream taken out of the refrigerator, frost your cake, immediately before
    serving it.

    Go Smart on Frosting
    If you prefer making your own frosting with eggs, custard, whipped cream, chocolate and
    cream cheese, you may have to consume it the same day, even after refrigerating. Also,
    you need to put it back in the fridge after every serving. Moreover, packaged frosting can
    go fine for as long as five days if you keep it properly covered under a cake dome.

    Triple Wrap Can Do Wonders
    If your unfrosted cakes are filled with fruit or something perishable, refrigerate them after
    wrapping them in a triple wrap. This works well for preserving cheesecakes too. The
    technique for this is, after cooling, wrap the cake in cling film, then in foil and then stuff
    into freezer bag. Before keeping it in fridge, squeeze out the extra air. Every time you
    take it out to eat, let it attain the room temperature before you wrap it back.
    Cream Cheese and Custard Cookies Need Chill
    Cookies with both or any of these ingredients need a cold environment if you need them
    for next 3-4 days. Bake the cookies, cool them, wrap them in foil, or put them in a sealed
    airtight container, before putting them in freezer. Do not try this with the cookies that
    have low or no butter, they will dry out and stiffen.

    Preserve the Magical Dough
    All the baking fanatics need the cookie dough almost any time and every time. It is
    always good to preserve, so it is ready to use whenever wherever. Prepare the dough
    and tightly wrap in plastic to make it last for next 3-4 days without losing the fluidity and
    texture. If you need to preserve it for a month, stuff it safely in your freezer. Triple-wrap
    would help here too.

    So the next time you bake, keep these wonder bakery tips handy and we bet you would
    enjoy the delicious treats for way longer than you used to! Also, for a great deal of some
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