Fortnite devs apologize for unintended base demolition

  • When savings are put down with the counter along with the word “launch” works extremely well, it doesn’t matter if you ever say your game was a student in “early access” or “alpha” or Fortnite Skins what maybe you've — customers will complain, loudly, should the update or glitch wipes out their progress. And this may be the thing that happened with Fortnite the other day.
    The situation took place when the c's uploaded another patch that, among other things, made changes to 3 maps this reset any bases don those maps. While the resources useful to make the bases were refunded, plenty of time and effort spent was lost. To make matters worse, there was no advance warning given for that community, undeniable that the group regretted plus Buy Fortnite Skins which it apologized for that forums.
    “We all smudged in missing a HUGE area of our patch notes,” the studio posted. “We be aware that this time it loved build your base can’t be replaced, develop that probability to rebuild wonderful your resources and past experience will allow one to make a straight better base.”