It was understood, in terms of the company's form or its game m

  • It was understood, in terms of the company's form or its game mechanics, Soul Worker Dzenai abandoning the canons of MMORPG to target more on gameplay action both a stress reliever and rather jubilant - efficient and offered to curious pressed, that may be limited by a few missions punctually, perfectly playable even on the modest configuration additionally, on servers populated by the community of players obviously rather welcoming and friendly. But the action also offers a content rich enough long-term as well as a level high enough challenge for both permanently occupy and provides trouble towards the fans with the genre, not refractory to make farmintensive. Especially since Korean version already promises more updates to content on various topics, including perhaps the addition of latest playable characters to renew the gameplay, game mechanics competitive between players or functionality of housing to buy and decorate home to his characters.
    For the curious who want to build their own opinion, Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai is playable as part of the company's open beta (along with the characters will 't be deleted once the commercial relieve version free-to-play), distributed including French, on Steam or even the official website .
    This test was performed from your beta version of the experience, over a proposal through the publisher as component of an advertising campaign without editorial constraint, or consultation or prior intervention from the background or even in form.