Boss Key’s Battle Royale game Radical Heights is currently avai

  • Just a simple heads-up to the people who were enthusiastic about trying Boss Key Productions new and free-to-play 80's-inspired Battle Royale game Radical Heights. This game Fortnite Items was revealed yesterday and has become live on Steam Early Access.
    … And it isn't really doing great to date. The few reviews are within the negative (40%), and players are dealing with a game where “half the buildings have zero textures” and that's badly optimized. But let's make another thing clear here: certainly it is badly optimized, the developers mentioned this version is extremely raw which the game must be in Early Access to get a full year.
    My primary attention is that could seriously hurt Radical Heights' potential – when there is any – to become Buy Fortnite Items Battle Royale competitor, as being the negative ratings and incredibly early build could stop other players from dropping some cash from the Founder's Pack.
    Radical Heights cost nothing right now, for those times you want to aid shape mafia wars, you'll be able to download it and provides it a try. Just do not buy LawBreakers, as any particular one is virtually dead.