SoulWorker IP Block After A Week Locks Players Without Warning

  • SoulWorker suddenly comes with a IP block, as outlined by MMO Culture, which focuses primarily on Asia-MMO: All non-North American or European players are not able to play the sport after seven days.
    This is particularly true for players from Southeast Asia, who thought they may now play SoulWorker Online in English throughout the Gameforge version, because game Soul Worker Dzenai is unlikely to become released for region.
    The IP block only agreed to be announced if it was practically implemented. Players business regions had no warning. They are terribly upset that they might download and play SoulWorker Online to get a week knowning that this is over now.
    On Facebook one reads numerous comments, this is the "worst IP block" of times. There is often a great not enough understanding with this step.
    MMO Culture even covers a "shady" publisher. Gameforge Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai has brought a year to announce this IP block, nonetheless they have not succeeded in doing so, but only announced it after overseas players have previously put in their time.