Digimon World Hostile Characters and Nurtureable Digimons

  • BNEI has released the modern information for the PS4 game "Diary Digits New World International Edition" scheduled for release on February 16, 2017, including new images and three bred digital beasts.
    Digimon Masters Online Tera World Hostile Characters and Nurtureable Digimons
    This would be the latest work within the series "Digital Baby World" and tells the story in the hero in the game played from the hero with the exceptional digital beast partners within the vast region. In the PSV version, the most up-to-date 12 new beasts are going to be distributed free of charge as soon as the PS4 version is released.
    The enemy role introduction
    Omega Alter-B
    The "Ultimate High Digimon" made from the "degenerational superevolution" of Junjinmu Masaru is really a tyrannosaurus artillery and Gallurus sword which is used by weapons which might be stored around the left and right wrists.
    It will behave as the strongest and greatest enemy and Masaru will get rid of the hero from advancing!
    Jinjin Muzhenma
    Darkly jumped from the changes Digimon Masters Tera that occurred inside digital world. Its real purpose is always to destroy the digital world, making sure that through the “degeneration super-evolution”, the Omega Zwartz D was Omega Alter-B.