TERA - Competition "Mr. and Miss Summer 2017" completely swing

  • Participate inside hottest competition of the summer, by which you can win coolest chairs from Dxracer along with valuable prizes. In addition, the MMORPG Tera Gold team made a decision to please all players with tasty stocks in the experience.
        When 10 photos of guys business women are published for the contest's website, absolutely all players of TERA will get an award - VIP status for three days!
        When 20 photos are going to be published in each nomination, the reward are going to be even sweeter - in many dungeons players is going to be able to get cool suits.
        And when 30 photos will likely be published, ALL players will get a VIP status for 5 days and within the Glade with the Ancients the danger of trophy drop raises by two times for all weekend!
    After reaching the required variety of photos per stage, the state Cheap Tera Gold VKontakte group will post what is the news within 7 days. The news will contain information regarding the time of receiving the award for your stage.
    You might take part within the competition and find acquainted while using rules of participation on a particular page.