Closers Coming to your West? +Classes selection

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    There can be a rumor making the rounds, that Nexon's Closers is coming on the West. They shut down an exclusive server in NA, saying "People would mistake it for your official server, knowning that wouldn't come up with a good impression for that future" Though, they didn't confirm yet, it provides a high chance they did this, planning on a future western release.
    In Closers Credits EU, classes' looks are locked at the start, because in the story, (as with Kritika Online) but ingame or perhaps in shop you will get some nice costumes to alter the looks of the choosen character. The game is within 2D, however it is so congratulations, which you don't really feel it, and also the combat is overly busy, and fun. I have hard time choosing between SoulWorker this also, both have their pluses and minuses.
    Gameplay video not far off too!