Login To Closers By May 10 And Get Free Goodies

  • Okay guys. We’re a little late for this, but we thought we’d provide you with a heads-up anyway… if you happen to missed it. Closers Credits currently is running a special login event, through which players will likely be able to acquire a selection of in-game items totally free.
    Everyone who logs in before Thursday, May 10 at 11:59 Pacific will receive these items:
        A UNION Agent costume or possibly a Vulture Corp. Operative costume
        Double Talisman
        Resurrection Capsule
        1-Day Elite Status Voucher
    All players ought to do to receive those items is to visit. Once they hit the “Play” button, a box containing the goodies are going to be sent to their EMP Store Delivery Box. This is usually a one time deal, which means Cheap Closers Credits you only need to sign in once throughout the duration of the wedding to get everything. But… considering you've got about 48 hrs, you’ll probably want to look ahead and have that cared for.