Shop Update: Big Bunny Box

  • Hoppity hoppity hop! Bounce along on the TERA Shop and find your paws on the brand new bunny chest. You’ll find something inside that’s never been found in Tera Gold before: Stamps! Leave a trail of bunny-shaped rice cakes

    on the travels, put in a pair of magical wings or soar from the skies over a Moonhopper with Cheap Tera Gold regenerative effects!
    Dance and glide your path through Arborea using this type of unique box. It contains one of the subsequent items randomly:

      Stamp: Rainbow Mochi Bunny

      Stamp: Mochi Bunny

      Stamp: Mochi Rabbit

       Flying Skill: Chimeric Moonhopper

      Flying Skill: Chimeric Dreamhopper

      Gleaming Wings on the Amaranthine Moon

      Radiant Wings from the Everlasting Starlight

      Glittering Wings with the Fairy Forest

    Have fun,

    The TERA Team